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E-Cigs: Friend or Fiend?

By Jake Thorson, CHMM  CHESS, Inc. Minnesota prohibits smoking in all indoor workplaces, but what about vaping, or electronic cigarettes? Well, a 2014 state law prohibits e-cig use on government property and at child care and health care facilities. Hennepin … Continue reading

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Aerosols: A Universal Waste?

by Jake Thorson, CHMM, CHESS Inc. Do you spray aerosols at your facility? Brake cleaner? Paint? Lubricants? If you do, how do you dispose of them? If you are at a facility in Minnesota and puncture your aerosol cans to … Continue reading

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Spray cans

We use them all the time, and then, when they’re empty or stop working, we often throw them in the trash without a second thought. But is that the right thing to do? Most spray cans (aerosol cans, to give … Continue reading

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CHESS Newsletter

The most recent newsletter from CHESS is now available online.  Topics include OSHA recordkeeping and new reporting requirements, regulatory updates, environmental deadlines, MPCA general permit updates, environmental and safety grants, hazardous waste hauler updates and employment poster updates.  All of … Continue reading

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Xcel discontinues VSQG collection

According to the Ramsey County Hazardous Waste program: Xcel Energy is discontinuing their self-service fluorescent lamp collection, PCB services and their Very Small Quantity Generator (VSQG) Collection site.  The vendor list has been updated and is now available here.   

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Benefits of a Chemical Inventory

Besides being a requirement, there are several benefits to conducting and maintaining a chemical inventory: Inventory control: By conducting a chemical inventory, you may find that you have chemicals on site that are no longer used or that the chemicals … Continue reading

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CHESS Fall 2011 Newsletter now available

We have posted the Fall Newsletter on our website. Topics are : OSHA Enforcement NESHAP 6H Hazardous Waste Reminders Workers Comp: Managing Claims Saves For You And Employees Jacks and Jack Stands Hiring the right person We hope you will … Continue reading

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Hazardous Materials Security Training

CHESS and the Minnesota Chapter of the Association of Automotive Service Providers (AASP-MN) are please to present a seminar entitled Hazardous Materials Security. This seminar is part of AASP-MN’s World Series of Seminars, and will take place in early October, … Continue reading

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Don’t waste your waste

A new year has begun and you may decide it is time to clean up and get rid of things you are not using.  You know, all those old computer components, half empty bottles that are collecting dust, etc.  Before … Continue reading

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