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Silica Standard – At Last!

OSHA published a new standard for crystalline silica today. It’s about time. The standard changes the exposure limit from a complicated formula based on measuring the percentage of quartz in a sample to 0.05 mg/m3, the level NIOSH recommended forty … Continue reading

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Early spring newsletter: New OSHA Hazard Comunication Standard (GHS) and more…

OSHA has published the new hazard communication standard. It is 800+ pages, but our latest newsletter breaks it down to what most companies need to know. In this newsletter we cover: GHS, MSDS and the new Hazard Communication/Right to Know … Continue reading

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Benefits of a Chemical Inventory

Besides being a requirement, there are several benefits to conducting and maintaining a chemical inventory: Inventory control: By conducting a chemical inventory, you may find that you have chemicals on site that are no longer used or that the chemicals … Continue reading

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GHS clears OMB review

That’s a mouthful of letters. OSHA’s proposed major change to the Hazard Communication Standard, incorporating the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), cleared a significant hurdle, review by the Office of Management and Budget, on February … Continue reading

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It Makes You Shake Your Head In Wonder

We often hear that a work-related accident or illness could have been prevented if the employee had…taken his/her time, thought before they acted, used common sense.  The reality is that people do things that maybe seemed okay at the time, … Continue reading

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Chemical inventories

OSHA’s federal hazard communication standard, and Minnesota Right to Know, require that employers keep an inventory of chemicals used in the workplace. Inventories can be maintained by checking product purchase orders against a master inventory list. Anything new should be … Continue reading

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Safety Tip: Hazard Alert on Formaldehyde

OSHA has issued a hazard alert on formaldehyde used in hair straightening and smoothing products in beauty salons.  It is harmful to both workers and customers.  Products have been found to contain formaldehyde even when labeled as not containing them.  … Continue reading

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April 22: Earth Day

Earth Day 2011 is Friday, April 22, which got us thinking about environmentally sustainable practices. Our experience is that businesses that implement them are finding that they are frequently saving money as well. Here are a couple of examples: Warners … Continue reading

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Top Training Solutions

Before deciding to do training, we take a look at whether or not training is the solution.  Janet Keyes, Certified Industrial Hygienist and CHESS’s primary trainer, was recently asked about the top workplace incidents that training could help prevent.  This … Continue reading

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Safety Tip: Safety Training

OSHA requires that some training, such as Right to Know, be done annually. That means that it must be “on a date reasonably close to the anniversary date,” taking into consideration scheduling conflicts. If the training is more than 365 … Continue reading

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