Fire Prevention Week: Oct 9-15

Fire Prevention Week is this week – October 9-15. This is a good time to review your evacuation plan. Consider the following:

  • Do employees know what to do if there is a fire?
  • Do you have a plan on how you will notify employees to evacuate?
  • Can everyone hear announcements or warnings?
  • Are employees trained to use extinguishers?
  • Do employee know where to gather to be accounted for?
  • Are your extinguishers accessible?
  • Are they checked monthly?

If any of these answers is not a “yes”, time to take action!

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One Response to Fire Prevention Week: Oct 9-15

  1. plumbing says:

    Fire does not occur only at home but anywhere else like office. Management should brief their employees regarding this matter in order to prevent fire from happening.

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