OSHA’s Local Emphasis Programs

OSHA lists their local emphasis programs on their enforcement website.    These are the areas of focus for each region.  Minnesota and Wisconsin are part of Region V.  The emphasis areas for our region are: powered industrial vehicles, building renovation/rehabilitation, primary metal industries (such as foundries), fall protection in construction and grain handling facilities.

I was struck by the fact that there were 25 fatalities relating to powered industrial vehicles (including forklifts and skid steers fitted with forks) in this region alone in a 4 year period.

The following information was in a recent OSHA release:

OSHA’s Enforcement Web page now contains a new section that lists all the Local Emphasis Programs (LEPs) currently active across the country. LEPs are enforcement strategies designed and implemented at the regional office and/or area office levels. These programs are intended to address hazards or industries that pose a particular risk to workers in the office’s jurisdiction. These LEPs are often accompanied by outreach intended to make employers in the area aware of the program as well as the hazards that the programs are designed to reduce or eliminate. The new Web page lists more than 150 LEPs, divided by Region, with links to the directives establishing each one. See OSHA’s Enforcement Web page for more information.


Have a safe Labor Day weekend.  Remember the workers who never made it home.

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