Safety Tip: Hearing Protection

If you need to raise your voice to be heard from three feet away, you probably need to wear hearing protection.

Ear plugs and ear muffs may offer similar levels of protection. The most important things with hearing protection is fit, that they be comfortable, worn properly and worn when they are needed. It is best to offer several options to employees.

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2 Responses to Safety Tip: Hearing Protection

  1. kwee says:

    Foam earplugs are a good type of hearing protection, but the disadvantage is that we must put them in ear very carefully. When we make a small mistake while putting them in ear, the high sound levels are not blocked enough. And my personal experience is that wearing foam earplugs during 8 hours a day is not very comfortable.

  2. When loud noise becomes a health or safety issue, ear plugs are one product that can help protect you from hearing damage. However, not all ear plugs are the same. Choose ear plugs that best meet your needs.
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