More Safety Training Tips

Back in September, we posted some training tips.

Here are some more suggestions from Janet Keyes, CIH:

Safety training programs should be updated whenever changes are needed. Here are a few triggers:

  • Your processes have changed
  • There are changes in hazard recognition and control
  • There are changes in rules or interpretations
  • You realize that training hasn’t been effective.

Your safety training program should include the needs assessment and determining if training is the correct solution, as mentioned in the prior blog. 

Updating the safety training program is different than updating a safety training session or presentation.

The training materials should be updated routinely, so you are not giving the same presentation to the same people in the same way year after year.  There are many ways to present the same material in a new and engaging manner.

The more employees know the material, the more they should be participating in the training.

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