Call Before You Dig

In Minnesota, Gopher State One call makes it easy to get utility locates before any digging is done. Whether you are an excavator or just doing a project at home, Gopher State One Call should be contacted at least two working days before you dig. They will send someone out to locate the utilities. You can log onto the website or call them (651-454-0002 in the Twin Cities; 800-252-1166 MN toll free).

I was reminded about this when reading comments about a fatality that occurred in Georgia. A crew was replacing telephone lines. One worker was in a cherry picker/bucket truck while other workers were digging below. They hit a gas line, causing a fire that enveloped the bucket truck. The local news channel covered the story here. The employee subsequently died from burns.

It is worth taking a little extra time to plan. Remember, it is your life on the line.

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