Life can change in an instance

That title might be cliche, but when it comes to safety, it is true. We have recently had the unfortunate opportunity to investigate several serious injuries. Some injuries could be prevented if the employee took one second or ten seconds to think about what he was about to do, to shut down the equipment and make sure it came to complete stop. Not taking those precious few seconds resulted in hours (or days) away from work for a trip to the hospital and recovery.

Worse, it will impact the employee for the rest of his life. Think about it. Which finger are you willing to lose to a piece of equipment? What body part are you willing to live without? How would your family be impacted if you had a spinal cord injury?

Most recently, we saw how a motor vehicle accident changed lives. Distracted driving, use (or lack of use) of seatbelts, weather conditions, other drivers–those can all end up impacting you.

While it would be great to wrap everyone in bubble wrap to keep you safe, that is obviously not realistic. But, you can watch out for yourself and your co-workers. We want you to stay safe out there.

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