Falls from ladders can be fatal

Spring has arrived and with it construction season, and home repair season.  Ladders and falls from height do not discriminate between work activities and home activities, or what season it is.  When you think of it, how many people do you know who have been injured, or killed, from a ladder fall?  A friend of mine was painting his two story foyer, went to step off the ladder, missed the last two steps and broke his shoulder.  Unfortunately, I have also known two people who died from ladder falls.

OSHA has a Fall Prevention in Construction website  with educational materials.  Remind employees, whether at work or at home, to practice good ladder safety.  Some pointers:

  • Don’t reach too far.  Your belt buckle should never go beyond the vertical support.
  • Make sure the ladder is tall enough for the job.  Never stand on the top rung of a ladder.
  • Secure the ladder
  • Maintain three points of contact at all times (two feet and one hand; two hands and one foot)
  • Never use a damaged ladder.
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