Always something unexpected

It looks like our blog works, but our website was hacked and is in for repairs.  What happens when the unexpected happens?  Usually, you deal with it.  Fortunately, we have a web designer who we could turn to for assistance and the necessary upgrades.

In any business, the unexpected is expected.  That is one reason for having emergency plans.  If you think about how to handle an emergency when there isn’t one, when one does happen, you have an idea of what to do and resources already listed.  I always think back to a talk I heard about the bombing in Oklahoma City in 1995.  The city had recently undergone emergency planning and drills.  While there is no question that was a tragic event, it could have been worse without that planning.

And, just like our computers and website need updating, so do safety plans.  An annual review will pick up changes that have occurred in business practices and in personnel.  Keeping up with annual reviews of programs means the process is often fairly quick and not cumbersome.

We hope to have the website up again in just a few days.  Thanks for your patience.

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