OSHA Recordkeeping – 2012 OSHA 300 Summaries should be posted

OSHA 300 logs must be completed and the summaries posted by Feb 1.  Here are a few pointers:

  • If you had ten or more employees at any time during the year, complete the log.
  • Record only cases where the employee received medical treatment.  That definition goes beyond just seeing a doctor.
  • OSHA lists specifically what is considered first aid only and not required to be on the log.
  • An injury may be covered under workers’ comp, but not get recorded on the log.
  • Count calendar days for days away from work or on job restrictions.  Even if the employee was away only over the weekend and a holiday, it may still get counted.  There are a lot of specific circumstances.  We covered these in more detail in our newsletters.
  • Only the summary gets posted, not the actual log with names and details on it.
  • Make sure a company owner or top executive signs the log before posting it.

The forms can be found on OSHA’s website under recordkeeping forms:

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