Minnesota AWAIR Program

Minnesota has a requirement that certain industries must have “A Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction”(AWAIR) program.  This program serves as the basis for a good safety programs.  The program spells out:

  • General policy statement about safety:  what are the company’s general beliefs and policy statement about safety.
  • Safety responsibilities: who is responsible for what related to safety
  • Communication:  how safety is communicated to employees
  • Hazard identification:  how new and existing hazards are identified and then how they will be controlled
  • Accident investigation:  how injuries and accidents that occur in the workplace are investigated, root causes identified and corrective measures taken
  • Enforcement:  how safety is enforced (discipline policy)

When working with companies, CHESS makes it a standard policy to develop an AWAIR program as part of a greater health and safety program. 

The AWAIR program is being used as one possible model for the national I2P2: Injury and Illness Prevention Program, a program being considered for federal standards.

For more information, see MNOSHA’s website or contact us.

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