Minnesota AWAIR Program List Updated

Minnesota has published the proposed changes to the AWAIR (A Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction) program.  Every two years MN/OSHA reviews the list of industries required to have an AWAIR program.

Some of the industries that were added to the list this year include:

  • chocolate and confectionary manufacturing
  • ethanol manufacturing
  • various chemical manufacturers (such as pesticide, adhesives, paints, and soaps)
  • gasoline stations
  • automotive repair (including body shops)
  • equipment repair (electronics, office, home and garden, appliances, communication equipment)
  • courts
  • fire departments

Some of the categories have gotten broader (nonferrous metal die casting foundries instead of aluminum die casting foundries).

A few industries came off the list:

  • burial casket manufacturing
  • sign manufacturing
  • home health care
  • caterers
  • surgical and medical instrument manufacturing

If you are on the AWAIR list and do not have an AWAIR program, CHESS can help you develop one.

Interested parties have 45 days from October 15 to submit comments. The proposed changes were published in the October 15 State Register

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