New staff at CHESS: Sarah Norman

CHESS is excited to welcome Sarah Norman to our team of safety and environmental experts.

Sarah is our expert on all things environmental, from wastewater to hazardous waste to stormwater.  She returns to Minnesota after a decade in California, where she worked on ensuring environmental compliance in research and manufacturing facilities.  Sarah is used to dealing with regulators, reading those impenetrable environmental laws, and helping companies to manage and minimize their environmental footprint. She also has safety expertise, having developed safety programs, conducted training, and performed facility inspections in California (we’ve pointed out that she no longer has to factor in earthquake risks as much as she used to).

If you need assistance with health, safety or environmental issues, give us a call.

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One Response to New staff at CHESS: Sarah Norman

  1. jack keyes says:

    Welcome to Sarah! I hope you enjoy CHESS as do carol, janet mark, etc. JEK

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