Ignore OSHA regulations: pay the price

I was reading a recent OSHA QuickTakes newsletter and the press releases about companies that received six figure OSHA citations.  What struck me was the seemingly complete ignoring of regulations.  Four contractors in New Jersey were cited for failing to protect workers from fall hazards.  Employees were working on a fourth floor of a building with no fall protection.  Employees did have have personal protective equipment.

Another company was cited for 18 violations after an employee died.  Employees were expected to clean plant equipment but were not trained on lockout/tagout.  The employee was caught in between two augers–the equipment was not locked out for cleaning.

We can never guarantee no citations if you have an OSHA visit, but paying attention to the regulations and providing protection from hazards for your employees will certainly significantly reduce your exposure–to a worker fatality, to huge workers’ compensation claims and to OSHA citations.

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