June is Home Safety Month

Off the job injuries cost more than on the job injuries.  While employers may not pay directly when an employee sustains an off the job injury, they pay indirectly when an employee loses work due to an injury or is distracted by an injury or incident at home.  If you had a fire at home, how would that affect your work? Think about it – you might have to temporarily move.  At the very least, you will be dealing with insurance companies and contractors.

Personal protective equipment used at home is very inexpensive compared to injuries.  It takes a lot of ear plugs to make up the cost of a hearing aid (at least 350 by conservative calculations).  Safety glasses retail for less than $15 a pair, compared to several hundred dollars for an emergency room visit.

Use what you learn at work about personal protective equipment, safe work practices, how to properly use equipment, etc to home as well. Check the National Safety Council website for more information on Home Safety Month.

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