Free safety assistance in Minnesota

While we would love every company to hire us, we realize that resources (financial and personnel) are limited.  Best to spend your dollars and time wisely.  In Minnesota there are several non-enforcement resources available to small businesses:

Fire assistance: Your fire chief can be a great resource.  Fire departments may provide guidance on fire extinguisher coverage and placement, compliance with fire regulations and fire safety/extinguisher training.  The state fire marshal’s office provides educational outreach and is always willing to assist.

Environmental:  The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) hosts the Small Business Environmental Assistance Program.  The SBEAP will assist with permit compliance and is available to answer questions about environmental compliance.  They are not regulators, so you don’t have to worry about enforcement action if you call with questions.

OSHA Consultation.  This is the non-enforcement branch of OSHA.  This excerpt was from a MN Safety Lines newsletter:

The scope of a consultation visit is determined by the requesting employer, though a comprehensive visit is encouraged. During each visit, a walk-through of the facility is conducted to identify potential hazards. Applicable mandated safety and health programs can also be reviewed. If violations of MNOSHA standards considered serious are identified, the employer’s obligation is to take corrective action within an agreed upon abatement time frame.

Workplace Consultation may assist with monitoring for certain chemical exposures or noise.

Your workers compensation insurance company is another possible resource, depending on your policy.

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