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CHESS April Newsletter has arrived

…and is posted on our website here. Topics are: Minnesota Safety Conference What Did You Say? Audiograms and Hearing Conservation Medication Drop-off Where We Will Be Compliance Update Workers’ Comp Remember, you can sign up to have a copy delivered … Continue reading

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Green Job Hazards

OSHA recently (in March 2012) posted information on Green Job Hazards, covering safety hazards associated with different green technologies: in wind energy, solar, geo-thermal energy, biofuels, recycling, green roofs, hydrogen fuel cells and  weather insulating/sealing.  If you have employees working … Continue reading

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Whistleblower oversight moves up

According to a recent OSHA Update: OSHA Whistleblower Protection Program moved to Office of the Assistant Secretary Moving forward with continuing efforts to strengthen employees’ voices in the workplace, OSHA today announced a major restructuring of its Office of the … Continue reading

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Safety Tip: Electrical Safety

Anytime you work on equipment that has electricity going to it, you must use appropriate safety measures. That could be as simple as disconnecting the plug or shutting off the breaker. Make sure no one can accidentally start it up … Continue reading

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Window Washing Standard–New for Minnesota

Minnesota OSHA has issued new rules for window washing operations, effective March 1, 2012.  MNOSHA has investigated three fatalities related to window washing.  According to their press release: The new Minnesota Occupational Safety and Health Administration (MNOSHA) standard is designed … Continue reading

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Severe Weather Awareness Week 2012

Next week, April 16-20 is Severe Weather Awareness Week.  Minnesota, the National Weather Service and many local governments, have activities planned all week, including weather drills scheduled for Thursday, April 19. Assuming no real severe weather, most Minnesota counties are … Continue reading

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Early spring newsletter: New OSHA Hazard Comunication Standard (GHS) and more…

OSHA has published the new hazard communication standard. It is 800+ pages, but our latest newsletter breaks it down to what most companies need to know. In this newsletter we cover: GHS, MSDS and the new Hazard Communication/Right to Know … Continue reading

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Plan for Emergencies: Medical

If an employee sustains an injury, what should you do?  Here are some questions to consider when planning for medical emergencies. Do you have a designated medical clinic for employees to get treatment?  If not, establish a relationship with one.  … Continue reading

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