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Walk like a penguin

Minnesota got dumped with rain, sleet, and snow, making for very slippery conditions. To reduce the chance of slips and falls, follow these tips from insurance company SFM: Walk like a penguin (flat footed, shuffle) Wear proper footwear (you can … Continue reading

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GHS clears OMB review

That’s a mouthful of letters. OSHA’s proposed major change to the Hazard Communication Standard, incorporating the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS), cleared a significant hurdle, review by the Office of Management and Budget, on February … Continue reading

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Large OSHA Penalties- Feb 2012

I was reading the Feb 15, 2012 OSHA QuickTakes and was struck by the listing of large penalties: $365,500 to Wal-Mart’s Rochester NY facility for repeat and serious safety and health hazards.  Some of the hazards identified were: fall hazards, … Continue reading

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Plan for Emergencies: Fire

The best way to plan for a potential fire emergency is to prevent it from happening in the first place.  Identify the potential sources of fire and how to control for those.  But you should also plan for the worst. … Continue reading

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Plan For Emergencies

We hope they never happen, but if they do, you want to be ready for an emergency.  Pre-planning reduces response time and helps people understand their role and responsibilities. Emergencies may include medical, fire, severe weather, hazardous material spill, odors, … Continue reading

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Fire Protection can be fun?

The NFPA has a  cute site that teaches kids about fire protection using arcade style games featuring Sparky.    Call us silly, but we think the “Put out the Fire” is fun.      The section on types of fire trucks is new … Continue reading

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Silica in the news

National Public Radio broadcast a story on crystalline silica this morning, and we can take a wee bit of credit for it. Crystalline silica is dangerous stuff – exposure to the very fine particles can severely scar the lungs. It’s … Continue reading

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