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Safety Initiative on Automotive Repair

There are numerous hazards in both mechanical and collision repair.  The National Institute on Occupational Health and Safety, NIOSH, has developed partnerships with the industry to research and reduce hazards in vehicle repair and industry and has put together a … Continue reading

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Winter Storm Reminders

While Minnesota has recently set records for warm temperatures, this week the temp numbers are dropping and fronts are moving through.  To help all of us cope, OSHA has a new web page to remind people of the hazards of … Continue reading

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It Makes You Shake Your Head In Wonder

We often hear that a work-related accident or illness could have been prevented if the employee had…taken his/her time, thought before they acted, used common sense.  The reality is that people do things that maybe seemed okay at the time, … Continue reading

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A visit from OSHA can save you money? Maybe.

A study by the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries found that OSHA enforcement inspections and consultation visits could be linked to lower workers compensation costs and injury rates, according to an article in a recent OSHA Update. The … Continue reading

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Workplace Injury Data for 2010

The November 1 OSHA Update had an article on reduced injury rates. In 2010 “there were 3.1 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses among private industry employers.” Over 3 million injuries in one year! To me, that sounded like a … Continue reading

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